Carl considers himself one of the lucky ones.

Before the development of current treatment options, HIV had led to the AIDS-related death of several of Carl's closest friends. He doesn't understand why he survived and they didn't -- but he is grateful for a simple medication regimen and the care he receives at the Positively Living - Choice Health Network Medical Clinic. Because of that care, HIV is now undetectable in his body and he cannot transmit it to others. He's on track to live a long and healthy life.

It's not always been this way for Carl. Co-occurring mental health issues make it hard for Carl to keep a job. Worries about securing life's basic necessities, like food, transportation and housing made it difficult to focus on his health or access the medication he needed. But thanks to Positively Living, he has a Case Management Team to make sure he has what he needs. Carl has assistance with food, transportation and housing along with physical and mental health care. This safety net allows him to focus on getting and staying healthy.

Sadly, stigma around HIV remains. Carl has been asked to eat from paper plates at family gatherings, and other family members won't have any contact with him at all. While strides have been made in support of people living with HIV, there is still division and ignorance that can make life more challenging and less safe for our clients. We know that there are people in our community who will never support our work. That's one of the reasons why your support remains so vital.

For 23 years, Positively Living has been on the front lines -- providing prevention services and supporting those living with HIV. Our structurally competent, trauma informed care approach allows us to remove barriers and support each client in achieving their best health and life outcomes. Positively Living serves vulnerable groups struggling to survive the challenges created by HIV/AIDS, homelessness, mental illness, addiction and/or disabilities. Our mission is to improve the lives of the people we serve through advocacy, counseling, socialization, housing, case management, and support.

It's on behalf of Carl, and all of the people that we serve, that we ask you to make an investment in the work of Positively Living. As a friend who shares our values of HEALTH, EQUITY, and HOPE, we are counting on your support.

TOGETHER, we support health.

TOGETHER, we fight for equity.

TOGETHER, we inspire hope.

We can't do it without you.

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